All over the shop

    all about the place in question. Does not literally refer to a place where goods are sold or exchanged. “I was walkin’ down Pana and there was ol’ dolls all over the shop”: I was walking down St. Patrick’s Street and there were girls everywhere. “I seen yer man langers and he was all over the shop”: I saw that man drunk and he was swaying from side to side.

    Aul' lade

    [proper noun]

    mother. ‘here boy ! your aul’ lade!’ - I’d like to start a fight with you.

    Ball on


    to begin or keep moving. “ball on until you see Shandon” - keep going until you see Shandon Tower.

    Balmed out


    a state of relaxation (also panned out) “me an mossy got a douncy nodge smoked it got some munch from graces an balmed out in the peace park” ..... my companion Maurice and i got a small piece of cannabis , consumed it , bought a fine chicken meal and relaxed in bishop lucy park.

    Basketball Tash


    Refers to teenage moustaches with contain five hairs on either side of the mouth. Insulting to the attempted grower.

    bate for eggs

    (bait 4 eggs)

    To be so tired that you cant even move.

    Bate on for the feara


    To run for fear of death (metaphoric). "I lamped the law so I bate on for the feara": I saw the gardaí so I made myself scarce.

    Be wide


    Be careful. "Be wide , lamp the car comin' " - Be careful there is a car approaching.

    Blown out of it


    To be given out to. "Sharon blew me out of it last night for comin' in with another ol' doll". Sharon rejected my romantic/sexual advances.

    Bread n milk


    means of accelerating the growth of a scobe tash. Scientifically groundless.

    Bunk on

    (bun k on)

    To leave. EG: Will we bunk on der bah.? Shall we leave now?

    Chalk it Down


    Simply means, yes...absolutely eg. you going to the city Match Friday night? Chalk it down boy. Related Terms: Chalk(abreviation). Related Links Submitted by Colin in Fás doing Web design.

    Charlie Mac Carthy

    a term of description to describe a merry fellow, a level of hilarity to whom someone can be compared to this Cork legend; 'What a legend; hes a real Charlie Mac Carthy!'

    chicken chaser

    Noisey moped or motorcycle suffering from old age or engine trouble. EG Ah look at yer mans fat arse on the chicken chaser!

    Da Bah


    The catch e.g. " biys ! i got two russian alleys up fir da bah" - I'm about to give away two russian marbles by throwing them in the air for you to catch.

    Da Berries


    fantastic/daecent. "That new City jersey's da berries on ya" -the new Cork City jersey is very nice on you.

    Dalk / Dalkey

    Youghal expression for pointed but not very sharp, e.g. a fork.

    De Flicks


    Cinema. "I'm bringin' me ol' doll to the flicks for a shift boy!" - I'm going to the cineama with my girlfriend for a kiss.

    Doggy wide


    Explanation: to be extra vigilant (to be on the lookout). "Be doggy wide I seen a twin bulb around" - be vigilant I saw a police car.

    Don't have kittens

    Comes from the verb;to have a kitten. "Don't have kittens biy", Please calm yourself down.

    Donkeys Gudge


    Chester cake (classic meal with a pint of milk) also known as Wackers Wedding cake.

    Flahed out


    an elevated state of exhaustion. "i was sloggin apples an got caught an had to leg it , i was flahed out after like" .. i was illegally aquiring apples and i had to quickly vacate the area , i was quite exhausted.

    Hauled in


    arrested. "goh hauled in last night for gawkin' on some ol' doll for the laff" - I was arrested last night for deliberately vomiting on a girl"

    Here la

    Look here. "Here la, two gatts". Look (motioning at two glasses) I have bought us two alcoholic drinks.

    How bad

    [complex Corkonian reverse sarcasm]

    expression used for good or great. Example "I'm off to Santa Ponza on me holidays" response: "how bad!" - that's great (i.e. not bad!).

    I will yeah

    [compund verb]

    I will not.

    Keep sketch


    to act as look-out. "Keep sketch for the law": Keep an eye out for the police.

    Lapsy Pa


    food poisoning/diarrhea. "I was in Mandy's last week an' I got Lapsy pa ourra it! " I was in a burger restaurant last week, and got food poisoning/diarrhea from the food

    Long slogs


    game played by two youths in which a leather ball is struck with a hurley at very high velocity over a long distance to and fro. Preferably in a highly populated residential area with cars.

    Make tracks


    to begin moving. "I've no spondoolies left so I'm gona make tracks" - I have no money left so I am leaving.